Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Much Are Wedding Tents For About 300 People How Much Is A Wedding Tent Rental?

How much is a wedding tent rental? - how much are wedding tents for about 300 people

I am married in order in July in New York. I know how much is a rental for approximately 300 people and in very hot?


fall bride said...

Probably $ 4K-$ 5K. Plus, if you add the internal fan.

Bambi Berkowicz said...

Talk seriously about trying expensive. It may be better to have more of a tent, too.

Below you will find pay about $ 2000, and I hope it will be closer to the range of $ 5000 A large variability of the rent. If you site or side windows, lights, and the type of installation on the website that you impact on costs.

Yes, banks are very hot. From what I know now you can also rent coolers shop / air conditioning, things, and what will attract additional costs for you consideration.

Go to Google and search for "Tennis New York. Most companies have Web sites right now.

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